Friday, May 29, 2009


#followfriday - for blogs

Here's a #FollowFriday Special Edition for you. Instead of profiling specific people, this Friday I'm going to profile a blog.

Little Pink Book

One of the main reasons I participate in #journchat is to find other like-minded folks to connect with. Each week, I usually walk away with at least 2-3 solid people to follow. A few weeks ago, I came across Florida native @SashaHalima with whom I quickly connected. She's possesses all the characteristics a successful and intelligent PR person should - engaging, thought provoking, ethical and passion. We have a lot of similarities in our thoughts and opinions, but it's a great compliment for me to hear the reasoning behind her views.

What I like about her blog is the fact that not only is it filled with high-quality information, it's visually appealing as well. For me, layout is an important aspect of a blog - her design blows mine away. But as we all know, flash only gets you so far. The Little Pink book is constantly updated with new & fresh posts touching on a variety of topics. In my opinion, it's clear that Sasha is very passionate about PR, current events, politics - it's a nice blend of intriguing information.

So go check out her blog, you'll learn quite a bit. For me, she's been a great "follow" and her blog is one of the first reads each morning. If you like it, head over to Arik Hanson's PR Reader's Choice Blog Awards and give her the recognition her work deserves.

I just now, now, now saw this! How LATE am I?

Aww, Kasey thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy the Little Pink Book and I'm so glad we connected too.

I cannot tell you how many hours I spend on it, really trying to make something good out of it. I started it on a whim and over the past eight weeks (since I started it) it is people like you who really keep me going when I go to bed way late the night before because I was scheduling posts, and proofreading and hunting down information to provide, what deem, worthy content. It’s a little humorous, a little biased, a little pink – okay no, a lot pink, I get it, -- but a lot of dedication.

I really cannot say enough how important, worthwhile and truly honoring it is to know someone in my field as you.

Thank you for this. It really means a lot 
It's a well-deserved recommendation!

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