Sunday, February 1, 2009


Super Bowl ads - Preliminary thoughts

Overall, I think the Super Bowl ads were average. Not as good as recent years, but there were a few good spots. I'd give the ads a 2 out of 5. These are my preliminary thoughts, as I'll go back tonight and tomorrow and review the ads again.

The winner in my opinion is Bud Light, specifically their first commercial "The Office." It wasn't edgy, it wasn't off the wall or groundbreaking. It just made me laugh and I thought it was creative. Overall, I think Bud Light ran the best spots.

Others I liked: Hulu, Doritos, E-Trade.

Like I mentioned above, outside of the few good ones, I thought the rest were bland. There weren't any controversial ones this year - nor were there any that were out-of-the-box or edgy. It makes sense that this year most companies went the safe route, but if I sat down and thought "what ad made me stop in my tracks," I'd be hard pressed to find one.

My least favorite spots were done by Coca-Cola. I simply don't understand their ad campaign. Pepsi is going with the hip & cool approach. They are definitely trying to reach a younger target market. Coca-Cola, I'm not quite sure their strategy. I think it's definitely more along the lines of traditional and safe; however, what's their message? I wasn't impressed with their ads last year either, so this doesn't surprise me. Like I said, I am going to go back and review the ads again, so maybe I'll catch something I missed the first time.

Again, overall I'd rate this year's ads a 2 out of 5. Safe and non-edgy. It plays with the way our economy is going right now. I'll have some updates Monday or Tuesday.

Your thoughts?

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the conan ad was awesome

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