Thursday, January 8, 2009


New king of video games

VGChartz recently published an article indicating that Wii Sports has officially surpassed Nintendo's Super Mario Bros, making it the best selling video game of all time. (

All Wii consoles sold outside of Japan and South Korea come packed with Wii Sports, thus essentially meaning that every Wii console sold counted as a sale for Wii Sports. However, you must also realize that for quite some time, all Nintendo consoles that were sold came packaged with Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo game. The astonishing thing about this feat is that it only took Wii Sports two years (110 weeks) to surpass Super Mario Bros.

Another interesting tidbit from the link above is that every game in the Top 10 Best Selling Video Games is made by Nintendo. Part of this is due to the "packaged theory," but still pretty impressive.

Nintendo has done a fabulous job marketing the Wii, so this news comes as no surprise to me. It's also a little bit of common sense -- it worked for Super Mario Bros, why not try it for Wii Sports. I would recommend reading about Nintendo's marketing strategy for the Wii. It's quite brilliant.

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