Saturday, January 17, 2009


Is Obamamania good for America?

Whether it's his charming smile, his voice of hope or simply a breath of "change," the one thing no one can deny, is the reach and follow of Obamania. It's a great story, I won't lie. Personally, I did not vote for him - please, don't shoot! But despite the difference in opinion that Obama and I have, the dude has got "it" going right now. That leads me to the question, however, of whether or not this is good for America?

Let me explain. I won't argue that we need hope, we need change and we need a little boost. The economy sucks, our confidence is at an all time low. Despite this, people around the world are counting down to Jan. 20, 2009. The day it all becomes "official." I don't think Obama led anyone on. I think he has the our best interest in mind. Fixing the problems (what/who/why can be discussed later) is a huge task for anyone, not just Obama. What I fear is that people have gotten so wrapped up Obamania that once reality sets back in, and people realize that this isn't a quick fix, that our confidence will sink even further.

Obama never claimed to have all the answers. I don't expect him to fix everything over night. But when desperate, people cling to any sight of hope. They get high expectations, only to have their dreams crushed. People are excited, people are being active. I hope this continues when the freshness and newness of Obamania settles and reality sets back in.

Don't take this as criticism toward Obama. Although I didn't vote for him, I do support him and wish him luck. I will continue to speak against policies that I feel aren't in America's best interest. But I'll also be the first in line to help pull people out of this mess when called upon. I hope the Obama brand isn't all hype and I hope that the people aren't disappointed.

Happy Hunting!

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